Benefits of Granite in the Home

Granite OttawaWhile home renovations are an exciting time, they also involve important decision-making by the homeowner. What can appear to be a minor detail can in fact end up having a huge effect on the resale value of a home. Homeowners who are renovating and looking to significantly upgrade the quality and value of their current home should pay attention to details such as the materials used for floors and countertops, as it is these accents that agents use to price a home when a homeowner wants to sell.
If the end goal of renovating a home does not involve reselling in the future, it is still recommended to use the highest quality materials to ensure that the money put in will provide a long lasting investment. It is important to focus on areas of the home that will receive a substantial amount of "wear and tear” over the years, predominantly floors and countertops.
The Benefits of Using Granite
When it comes to kitchen countertops, few materials are capable of withstanding heavy use while maintaining a gorgeous appeal, as granite is capable. Granite is igneous rock. It is formed by liquid fiery magma that is melted just like volcanic lava. Unlike volcanic lava, however, this molten rock solidifies deep inside the earth as opposed to on the earth's surface. Here it becomes cooled and crystallized, giving it the stunning patterns that are impossible to replicate, making each slab of granite completely unique.
Aside from its supreme aesthetic appeal, granite is highly durable and therefore considered to be an incredible investment when used in home renovations. It is composed of feldspar and quartz, making it highly resistant to scratches. In addition, it is very dense and not very porous and as a result, is stain-resistant and the perfect material for kitchen countertops.
The Beauty of Granite
Although granite is more expensive than some countertop material choices, granite products can last thousands of years so it is not necessary to upgrade later down the road. Not only is this material option practical, it is a classic choice that will always remain appealing and fashionable.
Granite comes in various different shades enabling it to suit all kitchen or bathroom design schemes. When it comes to selecting the right color of granite to suit your home, it is recommended to consult with a professional granite and stone company that can walk you through all the various choices available.
For those who are looking for a light, traditional look in the kitchen, white and beige shades of granite are a great choice. Those who are aiming for a more modern and new look can opt for darker shades such as black, brown and deep grey. Regardless of the colours you choose, granite remains in pristine condition for years to come.
Rather than pay less for lower quality material, an investment in granite countertops will prove to be worth it in the long run.